Crit Happens: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Tracking the Raiders

Our heroes awaken the following morning to see the destruction of Greenest. It isn’t as bad as they thought. While they rebuild, Governor Nighthill and other town leaders want to know why the hell they were attacked, how many raiders there are, and where they plan to strike next. He asks our heroes if they will follow the raiders and try and gather intelligence on their motivations. Our heroes agree.

A monk named Nesim Waladra approaches our heroes as they ready to depart. He tells them of another monk named Leosin Erlanthar who he fears was captured by the raiders. Leosin has been studying the cult of the dragon and wants to monitor their movements. He was in Greenest and disappeared during the attack. If our heroes can learn anything about what happened to Leosin, Nesim would be grateful to hear the news.

As our heroes follow the very apparent trail left by the raiders, they encounter a group of humans and kobolds cooking lunch. In an amazing show of strategy, they attempt to sneak and surround the makeshift camp. This went well until Darius managed to kick a rock and alert the party of raiders to the groups presence. Our heroes managed to make short work of the stragglers and continued on.

As they drew closer to the camp, they managed to spot an ambush set up for unwary travelers and decided not to engage the group. They went around skirting the group and continued to the camp. They ended the session sitting on a ridge line looking down into the camp full of raiders trying to figure out the best way to interact with the hundreds of raiders below.

Saving Greenest (SPOILERS)

Our heroes, fresh from prisoner interrogation, decides to start planning to find the raider camp for information. While discussing next moves, Governor Nighthill asks if our heroes can go and rescue several dozen people who are holed up in the Temple of Chauntea. After observing the raiders, our heroes manage to overpower a group at the back door of the temple and they meet Eadyan Falconmoon, the priest of the temple.
After ensuring the people make it back to the keep, our heroes are again faced with an emergency. The raiders are now attacking the town mill, threatening to severely damage their flour production and food production. Governor Nighthill asks our heroes to go defend the mill while he organizes a force to relieve them to hold the mill due to time constraints.
After clearing out the force that was around the outside of the mill, our heroes managed to spot a trap of 5 mercenaries laying in ambush within the mill for them. Due to some quick thinking on Rinil’s part, a fight was avoided and the mill was saved.
Our heroes once again returned to the Keep and were about to settle in for a well-earned rest when they heard a loud voice call from beyond the ramparts. Looking over, they see a large half-dragon:
He holds four prisoners and offers a deal. He will release them if a champion fights him in single combat. Before anyone can respond, Darius jumps down off the wall and volunteers to fight him. The battle ends fairly quickly with Darius being defeated with a spear in his chest. The half-dragon and raiders then depart from the town, having successfully raided the town for its valuables.
Darius is saved, our heroes are thanked excessively, and they settle in for a rest knowing that they will be seeing the raiders again soon.

Entering the Keep

Our heroes cautiously entered the Keep not knowing what to expect. They met a wounded man named Tarbaw Nighthill. He is the Governor of Greenest:
They also met his Castellan of the Keep, Escobert the Red:
Nighthill asked our heroes to do what they could to save the remaining villagers that hadn’t made it to the Keep yet, and, if possible, to capture a low-level officer from the Cult of the Dragon to get information. To that end, Escobert led half the party toward an old tunnel that led to the nearby stream.

Nighthill took half the party to the ramparts where they saw the leader of this attack, Frulam Mondath:
The heroes proceeded through the tunnel and soon encountered a group of cultists and kobolds. They made quick work of them and took out the leader of the group for interrogation.

Upon interrogation from Escobert, Nighthill and our heroes, it was learned that the cult of the dragon were gathering loot “for the great hoard that will usher in the reign of the Queen of Dragons”. They also learned the cult has a clutch of dragon eggs under heavy guard back at their main camp. They made plans to follow that lead once the town was made safe.

It begins

Today, we started the Hoard of the Dragon Queen. We joined our heroes as they journeyed toward Greenest. Upon reaching Greenest, they found it being attacked by a large adult blue dragon. They were set upon by a group of Kobolds, whom they quickly dispatched. They began to work their way toward the town and discovered it was being looted by Kobolds, cultists from the Cult of the Dragon, and several different types of dragon/lizard like beings. Upon reaching the central Keep, they helped save a family from a mixed group of Kobolds and Cultists. They sent the family off to hide in the woods, and cautiously approached the Keep.

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