Crit Happens: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Tracking the Raiders

Our heroes awaken the following morning to see the destruction of Greenest. It isn’t as bad as they thought. While they rebuild, Governor Nighthill and other town leaders want to know why the hell they were attacked, how many raiders there are, and where they plan to strike next. He asks our heroes if they will follow the raiders and try and gather intelligence on their motivations. Our heroes agree.

A monk named Nesim Waladra approaches our heroes as they ready to depart. He tells them of another monk named Leosin Erlanthar who he fears was captured by the raiders. Leosin has been studying the cult of the dragon and wants to monitor their movements. He was in Greenest and disappeared during the attack. If our heroes can learn anything about what happened to Leosin, Nesim would be grateful to hear the news.

As our heroes follow the very apparent trail left by the raiders, they encounter a group of humans and kobolds cooking lunch. In an amazing show of strategy, they attempt to sneak and surround the makeshift camp. This went well until Darius managed to kick a rock and alert the party of raiders to the groups presence. Our heroes managed to make short work of the stragglers and continued on.

As they drew closer to the camp, they managed to spot an ambush set up for unwary travelers and decided not to engage the group. They went around skirting the group and continued to the camp. They ended the session sitting on a ridge line looking down into the camp full of raiders trying to figure out the best way to interact with the hundreds of raiders below.



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