Crit Happens: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Saving Greenest (SPOILERS)

Our heroes, fresh from prisoner interrogation, decides to start planning to find the raider camp for information. While discussing next moves, Governor Nighthill asks if our heroes can go and rescue several dozen people who are holed up in the Temple of Chauntea. After observing the raiders, our heroes manage to overpower a group at the back door of the temple and they meet Eadyan Falconmoon, the priest of the temple.
After ensuring the people make it back to the keep, our heroes are again faced with an emergency. The raiders are now attacking the town mill, threatening to severely damage their flour production and food production. Governor Nighthill asks our heroes to go defend the mill while he organizes a force to relieve them to hold the mill due to time constraints.
After clearing out the force that was around the outside of the mill, our heroes managed to spot a trap of 5 mercenaries laying in ambush within the mill for them. Due to some quick thinking on Rinil’s part, a fight was avoided and the mill was saved.
Our heroes once again returned to the Keep and were about to settle in for a well-earned rest when they heard a loud voice call from beyond the ramparts. Looking over, they see a large half-dragon:
He holds four prisoners and offers a deal. He will release them if a champion fights him in single combat. Before anyone can respond, Darius jumps down off the wall and volunteers to fight him. The battle ends fairly quickly with Darius being defeated with a spear in his chest. The half-dragon and raiders then depart from the town, having successfully raided the town for its valuables.
Darius is saved, our heroes are thanked excessively, and they settle in for a rest knowing that they will be seeing the raiders again soon.



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