Crit Happens: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Entering the Keep

Our heroes cautiously entered the Keep not knowing what to expect. They met a wounded man named Tarbaw Nighthill. He is the Governor of Greenest:
They also met his Castellan of the Keep, Escobert the Red:
Nighthill asked our heroes to do what they could to save the remaining villagers that hadn’t made it to the Keep yet, and, if possible, to capture a low-level officer from the Cult of the Dragon to get information. To that end, Escobert led half the party toward an old tunnel that led to the nearby stream.

Nighthill took half the party to the ramparts where they saw the leader of this attack, Frulam Mondath:
The heroes proceeded through the tunnel and soon encountered a group of cultists and kobolds. They made quick work of them and took out the leader of the group for interrogation.

Upon interrogation from Escobert, Nighthill and our heroes, it was learned that the cult of the dragon were gathering loot “for the great hoard that will usher in the reign of the Queen of Dragons”. They also learned the cult has a clutch of dragon eggs under heavy guard back at their main camp. They made plans to follow that lead once the town was made safe.



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